Flower city bhangra

Brampton, also known as the Flower City, the Greater Toronto Area and the North-American Continent itself are home to a large portion of the South Asian community and particularly the Punjabi community, and hiding under its sceneries are some of the most talented Bhangra dancers and academies around the world.

The traditional folk dance of Bhangra is one of the most valued heritages of the Punjabi culture and is very much alive within the GTA and around, not only bringing and holding a community together through the preservation of their culture but also welcoming neighboring communities to witness and enjoy its joys.

Saath Foundation has taken upon itself to extend the livelihood of the folk dance and the Punjabi Culture, and show the world the aptitude of the most elite academies, of the continent and from around the world, by launching the biggest-and-first ever Live-only North American Bhangra Competition, in Canada, Flower City Bhangra. Events and the competition will be a platform for Bhangra teams from North America and the World to showcase their talent and demonstrate their cultural values while bringing communities together and giving an opportunity to individuals to experience the cheerfulness and excitement of the Punjabi Heritage.

For more information about FCB, e-mail us at flowercitybhangra@gmail.com